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Do you consider contributing to GHTorrent? That's great! We value any contribution, no matter how small, big, simple or sophisticated it is. If you decide to send a pull request, we will actively help you to get your pull request integrated.

Setting up GHTorrent

The first thing to do is to ensure that you have a working GHTorrent environment. To do so, please consult the top level README.md file with instructions on doing so.

TODO list

The TODO list is maintained as a collection of open GitHub issues. Please feel free to adopt any of those by @mentioning the @ghtorrent user.

New features

Do you have a cool idea that will make GHTorrent 100x (or 0.01x) better? That's great! We look forward to reviewing your pull requests! We however advise you to:

  1. Read the open issue list
  2. Contact the GHTorrent mailing list. The maintainers will help you implement your proposed feature as efficiently as possible and make sure that it does not conflict with any change currently planned.