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Fair use

To address GitHub's growth and GHTorrent's growing demands in API calls and the community's demand for better, more rich data, we need more GitHub API keys. We therefore kindly ask you to send us a GitHub API key (a “personal access token” as Github describes it).

The process to create a key is simple: First, go to the following URL (while logged in):


deselect all checkboxes except from public_repo, set a token name and click on "Generate Token".

Please note that it is possible to specify the maximum number of requests per hour that you would like to donate to GHTorrent. By default, GHTorrent uses the maximum allowed by GitHub (5k/hour), but if you are using the GitHub API for other projects/services, you might want to restrict this. A typical service like Travis only uses a few requests per hour, even on busy projects.

If you do not want us to use your key any more, do let us know. Do not just delete your key from GitHub as this will create holes in the data collection until we notice and remove your key.