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Version Release date Fixed error
1.0 1 Mar 2014

Dataset description

The VISSOFT 2014 challenge dataset is a (very) trimmed down version of the original GHTorrent dataset. It includes data from the netty/netty repository (commits, pull requests, collaborators, issues etc) along with all its forks (including the forks' own commits, pull requests etc if any).

Similarly to GHTorrent itself, the VISSOFT challenge dataset comes in two flavours:

  • A MongoDB database dump containing the results of querying the Github API. See format here.
  • A MySQL database dump containing a queriable version of important fields extracted from the raw data. See schema here.

Importing and using

The following instructions assume an OSX or Linux based host, on which you have a running MongoDB or/and MySQL instance.

# Download and extract
$ wget http://ghtorrent-downloads.ewi.tudelft.nl/datasets/vissoft14-01032014.tar.gz
$ du -b vissoft14-01032014.tar.gz
49178639  vissoft14-01032014.tar.gz
$ md5sum vissoft14-01032014.tar.gz
4928efb679a0dc8254924d56760d65ec  vissoft14-01032014.tar.gz
$ tar zxvf vissoft14-01032014.tar.gz
$ cd vissoft14
$ du -b

# MongoDB import $ ls *.bson|while read dump; do mongorestore -d vissoft14 $dump; done $ mongo vissoft14 mongo> db.commits.count() 9118 mongo> db.issue_comments.count() 10876

# MySQL import $ mysql -u root -p mysql > create user 'vissoft14'@'localhost' identified by 'vissoft14'; mysql> create database vissoft14; mysql> grant all privileges on vissoft14. to vissoft14@'localhost'; mysql> flush privileges; mysql> ^D $ cat mysql.sql |mysql -u vissoft14 -p vissoft14 $ mysql -u vissoft14 -p vissoft14 mysql> select count() from commits; +----------+ | count(*) | +----------+ | 9118 | +----------+


Answers to frequently asked questions

Why a new dataset?

For practical reasons. The dataset is small enough to be used on a laptop, yet rich enough to do really interesting vizualizations with it.

What are the hardware requirements?

We have succesfully imported and used both dumps into a 2011 MacBookAir with 4GB of RAM. Your mileage may vary, but relatively new systems with more than 4GB RAM should have no trouble with both databases. If you only need to use the MySQL data dump, the hardware requirements are even lower.

Why two databases? Do I need both?

Not necessarily. The MySQL database can readily cover many aspects of activity on Github. Perhaps the only reason to use the MongoDB dump is to analyse commit contents, branches affected by pull requests or milestones, which are not included in MySQL.

How can I ask a question about the dataset?

Your question and the potential answer might be useful for other people as well, so please use the form below. Please note that I (Georgios Gousios) will not answer questions sent to my email.

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